**This is for coaches, service professionals, healers, authors, speakers and other experts
who want the recognition they deserve.**

six figure

“Where will your business be in
30 days? (And will it be any closer to where you dream it COULD be?)”

Gail Z. Martin“Just think…an easy way to create 6-figure success using FREE social media tools to meet more ideal prospects and get the media attention you deserve and still have time to run your business! I’ll show you my PROVEN, four-step no-wasted-time system to help you make more money, grab more headlines and start seeing RESULTS in just 30 days.”

From: Gail Z. Martin
Charlotte, NC USA

Dear Friend,

Does this sound familiar?

  • You hear great things about social media, but when you create a Facebook or LinkedIn page, no one shows up. Even worse, you’re not sure what to talk about, how to attract your ideal prospects to your social media pages, or what steps to take to start seeing results—fast.
  • Your business is still rooted in your home town, and when your local economy takes a nose dive, so does your income. If all your clients are coming from a very small geographic area, like it or not, you’re tied to local economic conditions—even though there may be hundreds of your ideal prospects just dying for what you provide in another city, state or province.
  • You know people really need what you do, but you just can’t get the media to do a story about you or share your great news. Getting the attention of reporters, radio hosts and bloggers on media like the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Inc. Magazine or Fast Company can seem like an impossible dream, even when you KNOW you have a story that would really help people achieve their dreams and solve their problems. Why do other companies always seem to be in the headlines?
  • You’ve launched a new product or written a new book, but it’s harder than you thought to get attention—and sales. Just creating a book or product doesn’t guarantee success; you need to know the secrets top sellers are using to move their merchandise.
  • You’re scared to use social media and you’re not sure whether your customers are even out there. Yes, your customers are on social media—and if you’re not, they’re talking to your competitors. What if someone showed you how to meet hundreds, or even thousands, of your ideal prospects online—safely, strategically and effectively?

Here’s some great news: You’ve come to the right place.

I’m Gail Martin, and I’ve literally written the book when it comes to social media marketing—but better yet, I’d like to take you BEYOND the book and help you start seeing social media results in just 30 DAYS!

In fact, I’m going to share my proven strategy, the one that’s helped me sell nearly 400,000 books in just four years, enabled me to land contracts for three different book series with big New York publishing houses, connected me with international speaking engagements and media interviews with sites like Fox Business News, CBS MoneyWatch, LA Talk Radio, and bring in a six-figure income doing what I love.

  • It started with my first fiction book, The Summoner (we sold nearly 50,000 books in the first six months internationally!)
  • Next came my second fiction book, The Blood King (and sales spiked again, for both books)
  • Then came books three and four, Dark Haven and Dark Lady’s Chosen. Sales jumped again, and speaking requests started piling in, including being a guest of honor in England!
  • I’d begun taking what I learned with my fiction books and teaching my marketing clients how to use these new social media tools—and a New York publisher wanted me to share that knowledge with the world—30 Days to Social Media Success.
  • FedEx Office stores and Office Max asked to carry my book in their stores! And the media wanted to know more, including Inc. Magazine and The Washington Post. The speaking requests kept on coming—all over the U.S. and Canada.
  • On the strength of the marketing I did for the other books, another publisher approached me about doing a new series on book marketing for authors—my Thrifty Author’s Guide books, meaning more social media, more speaking and more sales!

Why am I telling you this? I’m not saying it to brag—I want you to see that I’ve learned what I know the hard way, and all that effort has paid off. My business saw a 55% increase since 2009, during the worst downturn in 70 years—and social media played a HUGE part in that success.

What’s my secret? Get ready, because I want to share it with you—

My 4 BIGGEST Secrets to
Social Media Success

Yes, social media has played a major role in helping me achieve coaching, speaking and publishing success.

It’s free, easy, and powerful—and you don’t have to know anything very “techie” to use it effectively.

In fact, social media is the LEAST EXPENSIVE and MOST POWERFUL way for you to:

  • Make more money by dramatically increasing your audience to reach more of your ideal prospects.
  • Sell your products and build multiple streams of income when you know the SECRETS to converting “fans” and “followers” into BUYERS.
  • Promote your business anywhere in the world—for FREE. Not long ago, only huge companies could afford to reach a global audience, and they had to spend millions to do it. Now, you can find your perfect prospects ANYWHERE and make the sale without spending a dime.
  • Make BIG money by meeting the needs of people you’ve never met when your products or services provide just what they’ve been looking for. These are people you NEVER would have met in person, but on social media, they become your RAVING FANS.
  • Be recognized as an expert. Your ideal prospects can validate that you’re the “real deal” and then BUY when they realize you have what they WANT!
  • Land more media exposure by being a guest on blogs, newsletters, panels, teleseminars, videos and Internet radio. I’m talking about FREE, WORLD-WIDE exposure and media that is excited to have you as an expert guest—with media like Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, Worth.com, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, LA Talk Radio, Fox Business News—the BIG GUYS.
  • Attract the people who NEED exactly what you have to offer. It doesn’t matter where they are, what time-zone they live in, or what the weather is like. You’ll be able to create relationships that lead to SALES.
  • Connect with successful entrepreneurs who can take your business to the NEXT LEVEL and create new joint ventures, collaborations, and online events, even if you never meet in person.

There is a catch. Although it’s easy to create pages and profiles on social media, just doing that doesn’t guarantee big results. It’s not as easy to turn pages into profits (as you may have already discovered if you’ve been out on the Internet on your own, spending HOURS writing and posting content, friending strangers, and getting nothing to show for it). If you don’t have a proven strategy and a customized action plan, you can waste a TON of time and still not reach your goals.

So having a Facebook Success Strategy is crucial, but it’s just part of my proven approach for social media success. You ALSO need to:

1. Target the right people so you are reaching people who are good prospects to buy your product (and the good news is—there may be 800 million people on Facebook, but you don’t have to worry about talking to most of them)!

2. Draw the people you meet down your sales funnel to turn prospects into profit. (Making an online connection is just the beginning, like a first date. You need to get them to make a commitment.)

Now maybe you’ve heard some of my other programs or read my newsletter or even read my books and have tried this on your own.

(But you’re still not getting the results you hoped for, right?)

That’s because you don’t have the ENTIRE system. The Internet is changing daily, and I’m constantly updating my strategies and adapting my tactics. There are new sites, new tools and new ways to get the results you want, and they’ve come about since I wrote 30 Days to Social Media Success. The Internet doesn’t stand still!

There are things you need to do to make the most of this ever-changing environment, things that are CRUCIAL—and you might have not realized how important they were because you were feeling a little lost or overwhelmed when you heard about them.

It’s not your fault you’re still struggling to get your arms around social media. Most businesses—and a surprising number of marketers—STILL don’t understand how to use social media effectively to get more business. Some of them get a piece or two, but they don’t put all the pieces together—and without the WHOLE system, you’re still going to feel lost and waste time.

Even if you’ve read other books, taken other classes, you don’t have my inside scoop to make the pieces work for you. For instance:

  • Do you know how to assure that EVERY moment you spend on social media works toward making more $$$ for you?
  • Have you learned how to find your IDEAL prospects out of all the millions of people on social media so that you aren’t wasting time talking to people who will NEVER buy your product or service?
  • Do you know the “power phrases” to say EXACTLY the right thing to build your brand, establish your platform and gather your followers?
  • Do you have a proven social media strategy that gives you a Power Surge Plan of exactly what to do, something simple enough that you can do it in 10 – 30 minutes a day?
  • Do you know how to get BIG social media results—in just 10 to 30 minutes a day--to get more sales?
  • Have you discovered the secrets to getting MORE done in LESS time?
  • Has anyone shown you how to tie all your marketing together so you get a much bigger BANG for your BUCK?

You see, just having a couple of pieces of the puzzle isn’t enough. All the pieces work together, and without them all, you’re not going to see the kind of big results you want.

I’m tired of seeing good people waste their time and not get the kind of results they deserve!

That’s why I’m ready to SHARE MY SECRETS! You’ll get my ENTIRE Social Media Success system, including some really powerful new information that won’t come out in my books for nearly a year.

“Six-Figure Social Media Success: The Big-Payoff, No-Wasted-Time Way to Make More Money, Grab More Headlines and Attract Thousands of Ideal Fans, Friends and Followers”

six figure

You're about to discover my simple, PROVEN, 4-STEP plan that shows you EXACTLY how to use social media to make more money and nuild your brand by sharing the valuable, vital expertise with the world--and I'll show you how to do it while working at home, getting your amazing services and products into the hands of your IDEAL audience, people who are desperate for the answers you have to offer, and how need your help...FAST.

Whether you’re new at marketing or an experienced pro, you’ll discover strategies, tips and techniques you’ll use over and over again to create social media success. It’s as easy as connecting the dots, and you’ll start seeing real results in YOUR business.

Here’s just a SAMPLE of what you’ll discover when you roll up your sleeves and dive in to my system:

1. How to create snag more headlines, make more money and get more clients. The time you spend on social media, every post, every tweet, every friend request—EVERYTHING YOU DO—should be helping you achieve your #1 business goal and get MORE money, MORE media and MORE clients.

This is the heart of your social media success. But it’s amazing how many business owners aren’t really sure what their #1 goal is (hint, it’s not just “make more money”). If they can’t say their goal in ten words or less, it’s a pretty sure bet they’re not doing it—and they’re going to wonder why they didn’t get the results they wanted.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to create your no-wasted-time social media action plan.
  • Where to go to find your ideal prospects on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites so you’re reaching people with real interest in your product or services.
  • Five things NOT to do on social media—this step can save you heartache and legal bills!
  • The trick to feeling 100% comfortable on social media (people love it when they can tell you’re at ease).

“Gail Martin and Dreamspinner Communications has been a true "life saver" for me. Gail is always available and full of ideas - and ready to assist me. Dreamspinner Communications is like having my own marketing department at my fingertips!"
-- Theresa Crowell, President, Advantage Insurance and Mortgage Group

“We will never be able to thank you enough for the great work you have done for us. "
-- Pam and Rochelle, Chat With Women

“If you haven't had a chance to talk with Gail, I highly recommend that you take that opportunity to discover how she can help you to grow your business.”
-- Debbie Peterson, Founder, Money Counts

“As someone who creates big, life-changing events for thousands of people at a time, I depend heavily on the teams of people around me. Gail Martin is one of those people. Not only does she deliver smart, thoughtful marketing and project strategies, she has become an integral part of my ‘inner circle’ and I couldn’t do what I do without people like Gail.”
-- Mike Jaffe, Speaker, Vision Coach, and Founder of The Momference

2. My STEP-BY-STEP formula for figuring out which social media sites will help you connect FASTER to BETTER prospects so you can make more money QUICKER

There are hundreds of social media sites on the Internet, and you can’t be on all of them. In fact, you SHOULDN’T be on all of them. Not only that, but your ideal prospects are only on SOME sites—and if you don’t connect with them, your competition will.

In fact, this is what you can expect if you don’t use my “Power Vision”, results-oriented approach to social media:

  • Wasted time as you struggle to land business from people who aren’t your ideal prospects
  • Wasted effort as you spread yourself too thin trying to find the right social media sites
  • No response—or worse, bad publicity—when you say the wrong things online
  • No sales
  • Frustration, burn-out and disappointment because it “didn’t work”
  • And most importantly—no sales!

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to be a computer genius or a marketing whiz to make social media pay off big for your business. I’ll teach you my very specific formula for finding the sites where your ideal prospects are ALREADY having conversations about exactly the kind of products and services you provide.

I’ll share what I’ve learned the hard way (so you can do it the easy way) on what to say, when to say it, how to attract friends, fans and followers, and how to avoid getting your pages shut down for breaking the rules.

(It’s a wonderful feeling when people you’ve never met start talking to you about your book, your product, or your services—and they tell you you’re exactly what they need!)

In this module you’ll learn:

  • My connect-the-dots formula for picking the social media sites that are perfect for you—and which ones to avoid.
  • My EXACT strategies for turning strangers into warm leads, hot prospects, new clients and cold cash.
  • Three simple secrets for getting your new social media friends to follow you home to your web site and product page and take action NOW!
  • The #1 thing that will make total strangers decide they MUST know more about the product or service you provide.
  • My super-easy secret for how to save yourself HOURS and still create fantastic blog posts, Facebook content, and Twitter tweets.
  • And more!

"How can I thank you enough for all your help today? You are truly a talented woman with a mind full of a wealth of information and connections I greatly appreciated. Let me tell you what you did for me, what value I found. Today, as a result of your fabulous conference call, I found enormous value in the resources for contacts you provided. This will help me talk to others who have been there and done that, and can help me get there with a little less stress and more success."
-- Lori Bestler, Mindscapes Unlimited

"I attended your "Telling Your Real Business Story" conference call. Since that call, I have applied your advice about asking for testimonials. In the last two months, three clients spoke powerful testimonials during our weekly networking meeting, while all the other members listened and exclaimed their awe aloud. This created a leap in credibility for me and generated a wave of renewed interest in my company's customized greeting cards. Thanks very much for your guidance!"
-- Lynn Selwa

"I found your tele-seminar very informative and so right-on. I am going to make the needed change in my own marketing materials, to share my passion by telling my story so that my audience can better understand what I do and why."
-- Joan Rudder-Ward, The Image Maker

3. The “money-in-your-pocket” secret to making profitable connections on the professional, alumni and industry membership associations you ALREADY belong to!

Did you know that any web site that enables you to to make online connections with other people has social media capabilities?

And do you realize that most people pay HUNDREDS Of DOLLARS to belong to membership sites and then NEVER get full value out of connections?

That’s why I’ll show you the PROVEN approach that’s helped me make TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS and generate profitable REPEAT BUSINESS.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize the most valuable members—and how to approach them without scaring them off!
  • How to identify and connect with ideal prospects, potential joint-venture partners and the people who can help you catapult your business
  • The REAL reason most people don’t get more new business from social media (you’re not going to believe it’s this simple)
  • Inside secrets on how to use social media to attract reporters, bloggers, and radio hosts so they line up to help promote your business.
  • And more!

“I want to sincerely thank you for the presentation that you did yesterday. It caused me to think over and over again today about how I am communicating with my customers. I composed an e-mail to a potential customer, then thought about what you said, and re-typed it, leaving out a lot of the statistics that I usually put in and went instead with a more personal approach. Thanks again for being part of my growth and success.” -- Etrulia Lee, Real Health Food

“It was an exceptional teleclass. I took 3 pages of notes and am beginning to apply her wisdom to naturally describe me and my company! I give Gail a 1 on all counts--I liked all of it, particularly the stories of clients where she shared their aha's; I can apply all of it to my business.”
-- Sheryl Allen, TerifficMe

“I've already been sharing your name around with high praises...you've been busy reaching out! You are TOPS in building a network web, well done!!! Such a great example to us all. I received calls in follow up with regards to your speaking. I give you top marks in speaking and presentation and being easy to work with.” -- Gail Watson

“This was a very valuable presentation, and I would rate every aspect of it as "excellent." thought Gail did an outstanding job in all respects.”
-- Adele Sommers, Ph.D. LearnShareProsper.com, Creator of the award-winning "Straight Talk on Boosting Business Performance"

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and came away with great ideas and renewed conviction."
-- Janette Jones, New England Financial

"Thank you for sending this audio as I have found the information to be of great value. In fact, I was prompted to look at some profiles and sent out some emails to those I would like to network with. Your audio really validated some networking ideas I have already incorporated into my relationships with others. I am also one of those individuals who is afraid of success!" -- Molly Sohn

"Gail Martin of Dreamspinner Communication recently had a free conference call with nuts and bolts, common sense ideas about how to take a new business venture seriously. I found the call a must for entrepreneurs, old and new! When we work together, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Thank you." -- Mary Miller

"Gail Martin is highly gifted in the area of uniquely marketing your business. Not only does Gail have the experience and technical skills to help you succeed, she has a genuine interest in your success. I couldn't write fast enough to keep up with the amount of ideas she had specifically for my company Unique Array LLC. I'm grateful I took the time to attend her introductory function, it has proven to be invaluable."
-- DaLoria Mondesir, Unique Array LLC, Silk Floral Designs & Silpada Designs Independent Representative

4. How to FINALLY get the BIG media attention your company deserves — for free.

Are you tired of wondering why so many other companies seem to always be in the media spotlight while you toil away without getting noticed?

Just ONE mention in major media like CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CBS MoneyWatch, Fox Business News (to name a few),could result in hundreds of new sales and thousands more in your pocket. Imagine how great it could be if your company started getting the kind of media attention you deserve!

In this module you'll learn:

  • Exactly what you need to do to grab the attention of reporters, bloggers and radio hosts to cut through the competition and stand out from the crowd. (Hint: you'll be amazed at how simple this is when you know the secret!)
  • Creative ways to make your story come alive for shoppers with an urgent need to buy.
  • Five ways to make your pitch uniquely yours--making it impossible for competitors to copy your appeal.
  • The secret code words that will make an immediate and powerful connection with exactly the customers you most want to reach.
  • My very specific (and results-proven) formula for making media contacts pay off.
  • The hidden PR opportunities that offer incredible value and often get overlooked.
  • And more.

"Gail Martin has really helped bring clarity to many of my issues . I would recommend her highly."
-- Robert R. Dunlap, CEO, WT Nichols Mechanical/FT Mill Duct Fab/Allstar Services of Charlotte

“I really enjoyed our first hour of consulting. You have already saved me thousands of dollars of mistakes and definitely set me on the course to make much more money. I look forward to our next session.” -- Bruce Gehweiler, Marietta Publishing

“Gail was instrumental in widening my scope when looking at my business for Fall. I was able to think of many more ideas for the season as I listened to how she directed the others on the call. She is great for brainstorming and a is certainly a "possibilities" expert. I enjoyed every minute of the call. Thank you Gail.” -- Deborah White, A Matter of Balance

“Your teleconference today was awesome! The way you presented the information was outstanding. I could visualize what you were saying when you put it in story form so I can only imagine how my customers will visualize me and my company by the story I plan to add to my website and literature.”
--Derschaun Monique Sharpley, President and CEO, His Agency

“I’d like to thank you again for being the guest speaker at event. What a fabulous topic and the ideas you shared with us were great! You really connected with the audience and you were a “Hit!” I have received 100% positive feedback from our guests and members. We’d enjoy having you back to speak and to share more marketing tips with us anytime.” --Mary G. Mora

“Thank you for such wonderful information. You laid this out in such a way that was so easy to understand. I never thought about telling my marketing story with character roles like you outlined. I'm going to put this to use right away!”
--Carolyn Bowen-Keating, Southeastern Michigan Real Estate & Relocation Services

“Your knowledge and understanding of marketing, and communicating to obtain my business goals is awesome. You not only helped me understand what my current pieces are lacking you helped me narrow in and focus on a more specific target market” --Sharon West, Maxx West Realty Inc.

“Gail listened, heard the heart of our story, and helped synthesize our message. She made excellent suggestions that we followed through on. All of a sudden we have a blog, are live on Facebook, and have a clear direction for our marketing strategy. We extend meaningful content to our customers and suppliers and this effort alone has fostered a deeper connection. We consider Gail part of our team." --Adele San Miguel, Director of Marketing and Support, Telnet Wireless, Inc.

“I feel like you have given me a real concrete social media marketing plan that I can easily put in place and that really corresponds to what my target is looking for.”
--Emilie Sarkissian, Apricot Culotte Inc. www.apricotculotte.com

Bonus Session: Proven strategies to earn tens of thousands of dollars by turning online strangers into hot prospects, new customers and cold cash.

Online marketing is HOT-- and if you haven't discovered what it could do for your company, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

Many online advertising opportunities are super-affordable and so easy to set up, you can have them up and running- and connecting with new prospects--in just minutes.

In this module you'll learn:

  • How to get your online ads in front of exactly the right people, and what to offer to have readers to get immediate action.
  • When to use online ads to build traffic to your Web site, and three reasons you might NOT want to that.
  • How to create online ads, Facebook contests and event promotions that deliver your audience to your front door — and start building lasting client relationships.
  • Why your existing customers might be your most profitable target, and what to say to get them to reach for their wallets.

Best of all, I'll show you how to be totally genuine in your online marketing so that everything you say feels comfortable and natural.

"30 Days to Social Media Success. Is it possible? I wouldn't have thought so until I read Gail Martin's astonishing little book. I love it! She shows you how, in just 30 minutes a day for 30 days, you too can be a social media success story. Highly recommended."
-- Michael Port, New York Times Bestselling Author of Book Yourself Solid and The Think Big Manifesto

"Anyone wishing to expertly grow their business by properly applying social media must read this book. Gail Martin holds nothing back and shares everything she knows to help you expertly move forward in today's world. This read is a must- for every business owner! who desires even greater success." -- Elinor Stutz, CEO Smooth Sale, LLC

“This book is GOLD! Every small business owner or solo professional needs to read it. I can’t believe how you explain how to get your social media marketing up and running in just 30 minutes a day. And these steps work!” --Wayne Kelly, Radio Host, Media Coach, OnAirPublicity.com

“Gail Martin Rocks! She gets to the heart of Social Media Marketing. Packed with great information as well as a solid step by step strategy that will help you understand and apply Social Media . If you want to create massive value for others, get known, and take your business to the next level then this book is for you! Packed with information that works and makes sense.”
--Wayne Lee, The Peak Performance Expert

So now you're probably thinking, "Gail, how EXACTLY are you going to teach me to ..."

  • Create a social media action plan to snag more headlines, get more clients and make more money
  • Figure out the BEST social media sites for “faster-better-quicker” results
  • The “money-in-your-pocket” secret to making PROFITABLE connections on membership sites (Hint: I've earns TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with this step alone!)
  • Get BIG media attention from sites like Fox Business News, Inc. Magaine, The Washington Post and Fast Company.

...and still have time to run my business?

Great question!

Here's my answer:

I created my Social Media Success System because I know first-hand just how busy business owners are (after all, I'm one of you)!

I' m going to share the step-by-step process I use and that I teach my private coaching clients that helps them get more done than they can believe in just 30 minutes a day.

The 30-day, 30-minute framework is at the heart of everything I share, because I KNOW how busy you are. And once you learn the system, you'll start using it other areas of your life. There'll be no stopping you!

Here are the NITTY GRITTY of how we're going to make this
happen... together:

  1. Exclusive downloadable bonus content to help you dig in and really master the system
  2. Samples you can model to make it easy to get started.
  3. Checklists to keep you on track and help you get the most of your daily power surges.
  4. My Resource List of great sites and services to help you put what you've learned into action.
  5. MP3 Playbacks and Transcripts for your resource library
  6. Download MP3 recordings of every call to keep and listen to over and over. You never miss a call.
  7. Download transcripts of the calls to make it easy to refer to important segments and make your own notes.

Guess what! That's not all.

I want you to have everything you need to start using these powerful strategies right away. But I also know that you will want to come back to this material time and time again as your business grows.

So in addition to everything else I've told you about, you get these BONUSES:


– This full product...delivered right to your home!

You get the physical product, shipped to your door, so that you can go back to the training whenever you need a refresher.

You'll get the audios ... the transcripts ... the worksheets ... the action kit and the PowerPoint slides in one attractive binder, everything in one place, which includes:

  • The training calls on CD
  • The action kit to apply what you've learned
  • Transcripts of the training calls
  • Worksheets from the training calls
  • The PowerPoint slide print-outs from the class
  • My Resource List to help you get extra help if you need it
  • Download links for 10 more audios to help you really dive into the material


– two books – 30 Days to Social Media Success and 30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success

These are the two books that started it all--your road map to creating strategic social media and online marketing results in just 30 Days! Two beautiful soft-cover books, designed to help business owners like you get going FAST!


– "30 Days to Social Media Success: Four Simple Steps to Facebook Fans, Fame and Fortune" – CD of the free preview call

You get the CD of the free preview call with all the great information I covered in that first hour--this audio is jam-packed with great tips and techniques.


– A coupon good for HALF off the ticket price for my HOT, HOT, HOT new bootcamp this Fall on Virtual Productivity and Extending Your Network!

This book isn't even at the printer yet, but I know it's going to be the breakthrough you've been waiting for. This is the bootcamp where I spill the secrets to how I use online and mobile tools to get it all done--and still have a life and a family. You wont want to miss this program--and this coupon gets you in for 50% off the ticket price!

Here's what we'll cover in the Virtual Productivity bootcamp this Fall:

Virtual Productivity:

  1. Get more done in less time--and have time left over to enjoy your life
  2. Use easy, inexpensive--often FREE--mobile apps and Internet programs to get more done in less time, stay productive when you're on the go, and leverage your precious time.
  3. Never be without the documents, programs and services you need to run your business--no mater where your business takes you.

Extend Your Network

  • Leverage your personal and business connections to expand your social reach and make your networking time more productive.
  • Find out the inside tips and tricks to get more out of LinkedIn, Gist, Namyz and other networking programs and find the gold most people never discover!
  • Protect your personal and business reputation with these easy, inexpensive techniques that can save you from embarrassment or disaster.

Grow Your Business

  • Even more great programs and mobile apps to help your business grow and reach your ideal customers--plus I spill the beans on how to use these tools to really get results!

So get ready for AMAZING things to happen and watch your business SOAR!


PLUS, for the first 100 customers, you'll get my "Gail's best Make MORE Money with Social Media Strategies Toolkit" which includes:

  • 10 BRAND NEW ways to promote your company without spending a dime
  • Two simple things you can do RIGHT NOW on social media to get big results--it blew my mind when I discovered these!
  • My personal "Who Are You Gonna Call" list with the resources that help her run my own highly successful business--and she's sharing them here for the first time!

To recap, here's what you'll get with my "Six Figure Social Media Success System" Virtual Boot Camp Home Study Program

  • My four-step, proven system taught in four 60-minute recordings PLUS the fifth bonus call
  • Action sheets from the class sessions
  • Transcripts of the class audios
  • MP3 downloadable recordings of the four classes
  • My action kit workbook
  • 10 extra downloadable audios
  • The PowerPoint printouts of the class slides
  • Two books--30 Days to Social Media Success and 30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success

Plus you'll receive these FREE bonuses:

  • A beautiful package of the CDs, transcripts and action sheets, mailed to your door.
  • "30 Days to Social Media Success" preview call on CD
  • A coupon for 50% off my new Virtual Productivity bootcamp
  • My "Who Are You Gonna Call" resource list
  • AND My "Make More Money" social media blueprint

So now you're probably wondering, "What's this going to cost me?"

Here's the plain and simple truth: I'm a practical person. My parents taught me the value of a dollar, and showed me how to make a choice by playing "what if", so I'm going to do that for you right now.

I don't have to tell you that this teleseries alone is easily worth $497 (which, by the way, is what it's going to cost you).

I'm not going to compare it to the cost of what you spend on coffee or lunch or a fancy new outfit.

I think you can do the math and figure out that if you follow my proven four-step formula, even if you're new to social media and online marketing, and you sell your product for just a few hundred dollars per sale, you'd only have to make two or three sales to justify this investment.

Think about that--just 2 or 3 sales at the $200 - $300 range to completely justify making this investment in dramatically expanding your ideal audience, your media exposure, and your online platform .

And let's face it, once demand goes up for your products or services, you'll start charging more than $200 - $300 for your packages.

So I'm not going to go on and on about the value of what I'm offering you here.

But to make it easier, I have laid out this "what if" scenario:

"What if" you take the class and make just one fantastic media contact that rockets your company from the front page all the way to the bank with a huge upswell of customer demand?

"What if" you become so visible online that your ideal prospects start beating a path to your door?

"What if" your online expert platform becomes the springboard for speaking engagements, invitations for articles and guest blog posts, radio and TV interviews and partnership proposals?

"What if" you land just one new client a month from your new visibility who never would have found you? Even if this plan doesn't quite make six figures for you when you start out, even if you just get one new client a month, that's still SIX TIMES your investment back.

PLUS I'm even giving this to you in an easy installment plan (since cash flow is so important for some business owners, especially now).

Are you ready to FINALLY start seeing REAL RESULTS from your marketing?

I'm Ready!

Plus, You've got my "I Love This" guarantee.

I'm confident that when you join the Six Figure Social Media Success Secrets course, you're going to love the program from your first class. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will begin to see real, strategic, profitable results leading up to your six-figure breakthrough.

In fact, if you’re not completely satisfied after the second call, you can contact me at Gail@GailMartinMarketing.com and request a 100% refund—No questions asked.

Yes I'm ready

Yes, Gail! I'm ready to help my business THRIVE with social media and online marketing!

For just $297 I understand I'm getting:

Virtual Boot Camp Home Study Program

  • Gail's complete system for creating real world results. This will be covered in five recorded audio classes (a $497 value)
  • I will also get the two soft cover books, 30 Days to Social Media Success and 30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success
  • Gail's Action Kit and action sheets to help me put all the pieces together
  • My own copy of Gail's Social Media Success Reference List
  • Gail's Social Media Success System Blueprint

PLUS I will also receive these bonuses:

  • A beautiful package of the CDs, Transcripts, Action Kit, Action sheets, PowerPoint slide printouts, and bonus audio downloads, all in a lovely binder, shipped to my front door.
  • "30 Days to Social Media Success" preview call on CD
  • My exclusive coupon for 50% off Gail's Virtual Productivity bootcamp this Fall
  • Gail's "Who Are You Gonna Call" Resource List

And I know I'm protected by your "I Love This" Guarantee

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(plus $10 shipping and handling)

Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers.

So, are you ready to get started! Purchase TODAY because you’re only 30 days away from seeing real social media success!

Live your dreams!


P.S. Are you an action-taker? If you want to see real results, get new clients, grab headlines with BIG media like The Washington Post, the Miami Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, Inc. Magazine and LA Talk Radio and start watching your company grow, you need to know what you want when you see it and take action. Nothing can kill your dreams faster than putting things off until “later” (because later never happens). So take action now and prepare to see real results in just 30 days.

I'm Ready!

"Gail Martin's 30 Days to Social Media Success really nails what you need to know to get free publicity from sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. She's spelled it out in a short, easy format for busy people, so there's no excuse for not getting your social media marketing in gear. Best of all, this book explains how to use social media to build your business and how to contribute value to the online community. It's a must-read for any serious business owner."
--Jeff Crilley, President, Real News PR, Emmy-winning former news reporter

“Reading and implementing the steps in 30 Days to Social Media Success makes the overwhelming task of marketing doable. Gail does not pretend that a few clicks a day on your computer will be enough. Rather she tells her readers that we have to be committed to marketing. However, she breaks down the steps into bite-size chunks AND gives us a framework of “30” so that we can truly be successful in today’s social media marketing world. This book rocks!

“Gail Martin has given all of us that are building our own business and overwhelmed about how to market using today’s social media, a real gift. From page one, Gail lays out how to set goals, make a plan and take consistent action. It feels like Gail is in the room with you walking you through this process step-by-step. This book is a must for anyone who wants to use the social media resources to build their business. And who doesn’t want to do that! Thank you Gail.”
--Cheri Britton, M.Ed., Dynamite Speaker, Engaging Author & BOOM Thinking Expert
BOOM Thinking: Helping You to Break Out of Old Mindsets

“Gail Martin is a brilliant marketer, especially in the area of Social Media. This book helps any novice or seasoned professional make sense out of all the social media confusion. If you want your marketing to skyrocket in your business, you will want to read this well-written and easy to read book.”
--Ruth Klein, Brand Strategist and Productivity Coach

I'm Ready!    

Legal Disclaimer — Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation, as well as the effort put forth. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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